About The Good CAMP

The Good CAMP is a 4 day Creative Artist’s Mentorship Program for singers, songwriters, writers and bloggers ages 12-19.

Whether you’re on day 1 of your blog, a regular performer at local coffee shops or have already published a book or released an album, you will feel at home at CAMP! Campers with all levels of experience will grow as leaders, be encouraged in their craft, build lasting relationships and be mentored by sisters and award-winning singers, writers and bloggers Jamie Grace and Morgan Harper Nichols.


About Jamie Grace

Jamie Grace is a 2x Grammy nominated, Billboard nominated and Dove Award winning singer/songwriter. She is best known for her two album’s debut singles, "Hold Me" and "Beautiful Day" and as a cheerful and upbeat artist. Additionally, Jamie Grace has been a public speaker since she was a teenager, having shared her story of Faith & resilience everywhere from the CDC to Capitol Hill.

In addition to being a songwriter and singer, Jamie Grace plays the drums, guitar, bass guitar, piano, ukulele, banjo and also DJs and produces. Jamie Grace also has a passion for videography, a recently directed the lyric video for her single The Happy Song and Morgan's music video for Storyteller. 

About Morgan Harper Nichols

As the founder of The Devo Co, Morgan Harper Nichols published the SHE Devotional and is the director of @TheDevoCo which reaches over 100k women daily. As a blogger and writer, Morgan has learned how to captivate an audience and connect with them directly. Morgan is also a singer and Billboard Nominated songwriter. Her debut single “Storyteller” has charted on radio stations across the US and has received nominations for awards both in the US and internationally.

In addition to being a writer and singer, Morgan plays the guitar, bass, piano, harmonica, harp and sometimes dabbles in photography. She was the photographer for Jamie Grace's album One Song At A Time and recently directed the lyric video for Party Like A Princess. 

At the end of the Good CAMP, each camper will walk away with:

-An understanding of what it means to be a leader and how he/she can apply their Faith to their everyday life

-The ability to develop and share his/her story comfortably in front of others

-Practical ways to be a leader in his/her community

-Confidence on stage while performing

-Techniques for performance and writing

-Techniques for using social media to cultivate an audience

-Actionable tips for crafting lyrics, melodies and stories

-The experience of an exclusive 4-day camp with JG, MHN & a group of awesome tweens and teens just like them!

-Life long friendships! We promise!